Visible control

View the full picture of all your sourcing requests. The transparency of SourceRooms keeps you, your team and your business partners working together in real time. Know what to do and when to do it. Get notified when it matters. It’s easy to keep on top of things with almost no effort.

Speed up the process

Define sourcing requirements, seamlessly distribute sourcing requests to your business partners, manage supplier negotiations and determine the best overall supplier. With SourceRooms, you ‘get the sourcing job done’ fast. The platform is built around users and their processes. SourceRooms’ simplified and very effective functionalities … that’s all you need!

Reduce supply risk

Eliminate misunderstandings between parties involved in your sourcing activities. SourceRooms provides solid sourcing processes and maintains all of your related data and interactions centrally to minimize supply risk. SourceRooms embeds compliance in your sourcing process through clear role-based interactions.

Why effective procurement teams use SourceRooms?

Simply powerful

It does what it has to do. There is no overload in functionalities. They use it because they want to, not because they have to. This simple, effective solution is fueled by real-life insights from successful sourcing professionals and their collaborators.


SourceRooms solutions are built around users and their jobs, not around the data. No training is required; immediate value is delivered. If you have questions, we are here to help you.


Break out from the isolation and interact with your peers. The rocketfast onboarding for all parties involved in your sourcing process ensures high user adoption and productivity. No software installation is required and the platform runs on all your devices.

Affordable and reliable

In order to provide you with the maximum benefits of the platform, we keep the subscription fees as low as possible. Pricing is transparent: there are no hidden fees and no lock-in! On top of that, you will love our expert support!