SourceRooms is all about sourcing efficiency: ‘Get the job done fast’ and reliably. Thanks to its built-in best-practices, modern design and technolgy, SourceRooms streamlines the sourcing experience, making it a breeze, not a chore.

More time and opportunities for exploiting buying power will deliver the organization immediate and visible bottom-line results.

Stay informed on any device with the SourceRooms’ notification and alerting features. Sourcerooms’ user-friendly applications are designed to keep you current without chaining you to a desk.

Specify requests in seconds

Whether you are collaborating with colleagues on a request or flying solo, the SourceRooms platform provides easy and quick request specification.

Fill in request details online or add attachments to clarify your needs for suppliers. Larger amounts of data can be uploaded from files.

Collaborators are notified when their action is required. SourceRooms even provides flexibility in defining your request timeline.

Seamlessly distribute your request to multiple suppliers

At the click of a button, distribute requests to multiple suppliers of your choice.

No need to worry about undelivered messages, creation of supplier accounts and setting passwords. SourceRooms handles all of that in background. You just click the button to send out requests.

When you make a change to your request, business partner or contact, Sourcerooms automatically generates and sends clear and relevant notifications.

Track bid statuses for every request and supplier.

Acme Corp.
Wayne Enterprises
Umbrella Corp.

Collect bids and interact with suppliers

There are no barriers for suppliers to get engaged. Even with more advanced award request types, submitting a bid is truly straightforward and intuitive, even for an untrained bidder.

SourceRooms consolidates all request relevant information and communication in a single place for fast access and easy evaluation.

Stay organized and eliminate duplicative analysis time by archiving unaccepted bids immediately while maintaining the flexibility to reconsider them later.

We know that requests change along the way, hence the the platform was built from the ground up to provide you a massive amount of flexibility, while guaranteeing the required bid consistency.


Award your best bid

Sourcerooms provides uniform and straightforward evaluations of all quoted bids and comparable prices.

SourceRooms allows to handle different styles and flavors of award techniques. From a basic full award, where one supplier is being awarded for the whole request, to partial volume awards, where volume by item is awarded partially to various different suppliers.

Is bid price not your only evaluation criteria? No problem, we have built in TCO calculation features that will give you bid evaluation possibilities that go a lot further …

You will never lose any of your interactions with awarded and non-awarded business partners, so you can maintain connections through the platform with suppliers, whether you’ve used them once or frequently.

Acme Corp.
Wayne Enterprises
Umbrella Corp.

You know what you need and you want it fast.

Sourcerooms streamlines the sourcing process by eliminating unnecessary ambiguity and boosting clear, concise information exchange between requestors and collaborators and their potential and realized suppliers.

Exploit your buying power now. ‘Get it done fast’ with Sourcerooms. Try it free.

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